Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!
Sorry I am running so far behind today. My day started out a little differently than I had anticipated yesterday. After taking my car to have the oil changed and about to leave to have breakfast with my sister, I got a desperate call from my Dad saying Freda(my step-mom) needed some assistance getting up. She has been in the hospital for two weeks this month fighting pneumonia and going through an operation. They finally let her come home last Monday.
Her energy reserves are running low right now and she is a bit weak. She is a wonderful woman and we feel very blessed to have her in our family. My sister and I ran over there and stayed for a couple hours so I have been running behind today( although in truth I often run behind even when nothing unexpected happens!). On to the Pink Saturday stuff!

I don't know if many of you are familiar with Karla Nathan but I urge you to check out her blog. She is a wonderful artist and very nice all around person. She is doing a Puppy Love Tag Book swap right now that I am participating in-just click on the puppy love icon on the right side of my blog and it will take you right there.

Below are some of my tags I am working on-some are closer to completion than others but it is a process. I need to finish them up soon and get them in the mail to Karla as the deadline is almost here. Hope you have a great weekend!
Love Sweetpea Sue

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Wishes for Your New Year!

I hope all is well for you as you find yourself at the start of a new year. I don't generally make resolutions, but I find myself thinking about what was good about 2008 and what I want to change in my life this year. One of the things I enjoyed tremendously was blogging, So many nice people to meet, and so many creative inspirations. I felt like I stumbled onto something I have been looking for for years. I really enjoyed visiting other blogs, reading heartfelt stories shared by some wonderful people, being challanged to get art, beauty and creativity into my regular life, and even learning a little to let other people see more of who I am.

I found a website this year called and what a fun place that is! My sister had given me a camera a while back and it opened up a whole new world for me. One of the groups I belong to on Flickr is Shades of Inspiriation-it gives you a different color or color combo to take pics of each week and share with the group. It helps you to see things in a new way. No longer is anything ordinary-you don't just pass the world by anymore. It forces you to be on the lookout, be more aware of your surroundings.

Some mornings I get up early by myself and go out and take pics of the sunrise, or the foggy river, or whatever grabs me that day. A few times I have been able to gather my neices to go with me and we pick a theme, like water, and look for things to shoot. It is so fun to be able to share something with them, something creative that bridges the difference in our years.
I guess one of my resolutions is to continue to work to get creativity into my weekly life. That can be a bit of a challange sometimes. Some days I just find myself wrung out. Still, something to work on. One of my other resolutions is to work towards making healthier choices for myself. I am talking about healthier all around- including diet, exercise, how I spend my time, finances, etc.

One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is to count my victories throughout the day instead of my failings. It definitly helps me stay more postive and helps me to keep going. Another thing is to have people in your life who build you up as a general rule instead of tear you down. I find that as a single woman with no children it is very essential to have friends you touch base with through out the week. It isn't easy. People tend to be so busy with their own lives and you with yours that it can be very hard to connect. When I was younger I took this way too personally, for the most part I don't now.

I must admit for me having animals to come home to is essesntial as well. I never feel alone with them here. It isn't the same as living with people of course but they are good company if a bit messy at times and they are often good for a laugh.

Well, I think I better go now. I've got some pies in the oven I have to go check on. More cooking and baking this year. Another resolution. Basically do more of what I enjoy and not let daily life run me into the ground so easily. Now that might be a hard one to keep. Thanks for coming by and all the best to you throughout this new year.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year and a Wonderful Pink Saturday to you!
Hope this new year is filled with promise and delights for you all. Just trying to get back into the swing of things again. Got a bit off track for awhile there. First picture I'm going to share today is of my new eyeglasses chain I made. I find I need reading glasses these days so I like to have them handy and nearby. I had seen some very nice ones at stores but didn't want to spend 15.00 or more to get one, so I decided to make one. This is my pink one( I've made others for my different scrub tops I have to wear at work). I'm very happy with the way they turned out and I no longer put my glasses on top of my head where it would often get caught in my hair.

This picture is of a little christmas angel I hang over my sink in my kitchen.
During this holiday season, I got to spend some down time with my two neices in town and I took them out early one morning to shoot photos in the country-here is one with some pink to it.

This is my two neices getting a picture of the sunset- I don't show their faces as their mothers would prefer they don't show up on the web.

Don't forget to go check out the other ladies participating today in pink Saturday( Beverly at ). Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks to all of you who left such kind and understanding comments after my last post. It meant a lot to me. To those of you who are going through grieving as well- my heart and my prayers are with you. Sue