Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday to you all! I'm glad you could stop by for a visit. I finally dug out my most precious pink treasures. They belonged to my grandmother Marie when I was a little girl and to her mother before her. When I was little they were displayed in her middle room on her huge old roll top secretary the was even older than these treasures. I always thought they were the pretties things I had ever seen. My grandmother told me that they were cranberry glass.

She also told me that when she was a little girl they adorned the top of her mother's pump organ in their parlor and that when ever they played the organ, the vases would sway back and forth on top and almost fall off, but no one ever considered moving them from there.
This is my grandma as I remember her. I think this is right after she and my grandfather Cleve bought their first house right across from the church she attended. They had worked hard all their lives and had never owned a home yet. My grandma told me that she had been friends with the woman who had owned it before her, and elderly woman who was no longer able to live alone. Her friend had insisted that she only wanted them to have it and that she wouldn't sell it to any one but them. Arrangements were made(what exactly I don't know) and they bought the house. It was always my safe place. Now an old and dear friend lives there so it feels like it is still in the family.

This is my grandmother with her parents in Parsons Kansas. I belive this is before she had any children and thought she couldn't. Her mother was Nancy Kizah Noakes Workman and her father was Frank Workman.

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