Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Crafty Pink Saturday

A Crafty Pink Saturday to you! I'm glad you stopped by to celebrate Pink Saturday with me. I've been playing with all my pink craft stuff for a few weeks and quite enjoyng myself. Today I thought I would share with you some of my fun pink craft supplies. Below is just some of them. I have been experimenting with making tags and these are just some in process-not finished yet. ( See Piglet-You can't get much pinker than a pink piglet!)

I love my new little pink Fisker scissors not to mention all the pretty scrapbooking paper I've been cutting up with them. I found a bunch of the paper on sale at both Michael's and Hobby Lobby over the past week. I have been wondering about glitter lately-what is german glass glitter? I've seen mention of it but I don't know what it is or where to find it. I would love it if someone could tell me.

I also wanted to share with you a cute little bird that my sister made me for christmas last year. I love the little pink wings and pretty pink button eyes it has(and I love the green pink combo of colors-my favorite combo!)

Just recently I visited Lecompton Kansas Hisorical Museum- a very fun and worth your time trip. They had amazing stuff and a very nice and helpful tour guide. Below is some beautiful pink depression glass-sorry the pic didn't come out a little better. Lecompton Kansas was the Territoral Capital before Kansas became a state.

This was also at the Museum- A beautiful old spinning wheel.

Since Maddy Joy, my editor-in- chief, got her picture posted last Saturday the rest of my blogging Staff has been insisting they have their pics posted too. Below is my friend Jane's little papillion Napoleon who I am fostering right now for her. His title is official lap warmer when I'm on the computer. He likes to curl up on an afaghan I crocheted a while back when he isn't on my lap. Next week I will share another member of my staff.

And for some strange reason I feel compelled(almost like I'm under a spell or something) to share one more pic-even though the only pink in it is this kind lady's cheeks.

She is one of the Halloween tags I've been working on. Well Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you all! Thanks for stopping by to make mine a better one! Don't forget to check out all the other nice ladies listed on Beverly's blog-

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Rushed Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday! I just have a few pics to share today with you. I find myself running behind this morning and I have to leave for work soon. the following two pics are from my dining room area. The first one is a lovely little wreath I found at a flea market and couldn't walk away from.

The second is one of the crosses I have hanging in my dining room. I have a cross collection but this is the only one that is pink. :(

The next pink is some kind of flower that I found at a local park-I am thinking celosia but I'm not sure. My two neices and I went out shooting pics one Saturday and this is one of them. I tried to upload another flower but I lost it somewhere.

And last but not least is the rug in my living room with my editor in chief and her ever present opinion about mommy's latest hobby. She is such a great big help!

Did I mention tha is a library book that she chewed up!
Happy pink Saturday!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Saturday

What started it all:

Happy Pink Saturday! I hope you all have had a great week. Mine has been good but busy. Today I thought I would share with you what I think started my love affair with pink. Did anyone read the Little House books? I found them in second grade and have loved them ever since. They absolutely entranced me. I think it reminded me of my Great Grandma Cordelia who used to live with my paternal grandparents when I was less than 5. She used to tell all us great grandchildren stories of living in Oklahoma when it was Indian Territory. We are part Native American( Creek Muscogee) and she was a tribal member. I remember her talking about riding in a covered wagon. Well this is really round a bout but as a result I fell in love with all the Little House books. In one of the books it talked about Laura having a hope chest for when she would be married some day and how she would save things up she would need for her own household. I loved that idea so when I was in 5th grade I decided to start a hope chest for myself. I had a cardboard box instead of a lovely wood chest but it worked fine. I began to save things up like measuring spoons or placemats I liked. When I was in high school, my sister Janet had a friend whose mother decided to get rid of her china. Her daughter didn't want it and somehow it got offered to me(I'm not sure why as I had never met her mother before). Anyway I took her up on the offer and below is the lovely china. I think I already liked vintage things that reminded me of my grandmother Marie's home but I began to fall in love with pink when I got this beautiful china. Here it is:

Isn't it lovely! Someday I would love to aquire the pieces I'm missing but it's only a someday wish, not a need. Below is a closup of the floral motif.

I've added some pictures below that hang in my tiny dining area that used to hang in my mother's bedroom. I believe she found these at a garage sale and fell in love with them. Now they just remind me of her everytime I see them. My mother died in 1995 at the very young age of 58. I miss her every day but I look forward to seeing her again.

I've been playing with paper and images all week and having boatloads of fun. Below is an image on my inspiriation board that hangs over my computer area.

Well I just want to say Thank You for stopping by for a visit. I always love reading your comments. It is so fun to get to meet new people. Don't forget to stop and visit with the other lovely ladies all listed on Beverly's blog-

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Pink Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday! Time to play! In the spirit of play I am going to share with you all some fun paper dolls I picked up recently at My Father's Daughter. It brought back wonderful memories of playing with paperdolls with my two older sisters. What fun it was to pick them out, cut out their clothes, make up story lines and interact with the other dolls we already had. Does anybody remember the Green Acres paper dolls? My sister had those. Za Za had such fabulous outfits! Well these paper dolls are a little older than any ones I played with but they are in fabulous shape. Here they are:

This is the front cover of the storybook. Love her pink coat!

This is the title page-Ibelieve it says 1947,1948, Simon and Shuster.

This is the back of the book where the little paper dolls are tucked into their beds for sleep time.

Above is the middle of the story where Jim and Judy play with 1000s of butterflies and flowers. Then they go and pick apples out of a Farmer's orchard. Apparently he doesn't mind them stealing from him. Below is their clothes closet which contains most of their original clothes.

Thanks for stopping by my place so I could share in your Pink Saturday. Don't forget to check out everyone else listed at Beverly's See you soon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well here it is Monday night and I am finally sitting down at my computer to post about the weekend. It was a real whirlwind of activity. I've been checking in on a friend since she had surgery on both her feet Friday afternoon. I feel blessed to have her for a friend and I'm glad that I live close by. She is doing pretty well I'm happy to say. My sister Nancy and I made our weekly pilgramage to North Lawrence(it is the part of town that is north of the Kansas river) to see our favorite stores. We visited Antique's Plus, My Father's Daughter and Locust Street Marketplace. They are all located in the same area. I found some really cute things but only took pictures this time. I belong to a Flickr group called Shades of Inspiritation and each week they pick a different color or color combo to try to take pictures of. It is a lot of fun. This week the colors are light blue and brown. Below are the two picture I took at Antiques Plus for the group.

Next is one from Locust Street Marketplace-

After that we found this adorable yo-yo quilt at My Father's Daughter. It makes me want to try making one. It looks pretty time-consuming though. Mabey someday soon. I think for now I will have to content myself with crafts that take a little less time upfront.

After photo shopping we went to our next fun summertime place- Bismark Gardens where we by sweetcorn by the dozen. We love to support local businesses whenever possible and what fun to go out to where it is grown. It is just a few minutes out of town so we get our little country drive in without a lot of gas. My oldest neice had recently gone to Japan to our sister city on an exchange program and when she came back she hosted two Japanese girls here. My sister took them out to Bismark Gardens which they really loved since they have nothing like it in Japan. I can't think of anything more "Kansas" like than a trip to Bismark Gardens.

Well I hope your weekend was just as fun and I hope your week goes smoothly. I hope I will hear from you all soon. Take Care-Susan

Pink Saturday

What could be a better way to enjoy your Saturday than to to make sure you get a little pink in to it? This is my first time participating in http.// 's Pink Saturday. It was hard to choose what pink thing to share so I'm going to share a couple. The first one is a bowl that hangs in my kitchen. My kitchen and dining rooms are painted pink and my living room and hallway are painted green. I love old china and roses so I immediately fell for this bowl when I saw it.

The second thing is an old china doll head that belonged to my maternal grandma. It was the only toy she had left from her childhood.

I used to spend Saturday nights with her every week. She was the most amazing loving grandma ever! She was always there for me. She was my friend when I didn't have any(moved -went to a new school-and junior high!), my cheerleader urging me on, my safe place and always providing love and plenty of ice cream. She would let me bring my friends over to spend the night at her house and let us dress up in her old clothes and jewelery. We would try to put on a little Carol Burneet inspired show for her and she always clapped loudly(I'm sure it wasn't that good!) I remember spending hours and hours with her pouring over old family photos while she filled me in on the family history, family scandels, and family mysteries. That is something I wouldn't trade for a billion dollars. She is my hero. I miss her still but look forward to seeing her in heaven. Her name was Julia Marie Workman McCaffrey and she showed me how to live, love, laugh and be the kind of woman I want to be. A big salute to grandma's everywhere that make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren!