Saturday, March 28, 2009

Icy Pink

Good Morning all! Hope this Pink Saturday finds you in the pink of health! I woke up this morning expecting to see lots of snow on the ground and instead no snow, but icky ice. Yuck. I am not a fan of ice! My sister called and told me they have not had electricity at their house since 4 this morning( it is 9:30 now). Luckly I still have mine. Thanks for coming by for a visit. Below are a few pics. First I have Mr. Toby Handsome. I think his little pink nose is awfully cute. He turned 16 last January.

Next is a lovely Hydranga pic a friend sent me a while back. I adore Hydrangas and one of these days hope to get some planted to my yard.

This charming puppy is Sophie- she belongs to my boss's family. She is one of the sweetest beagles I have ever met. She was taking a nap on top of the pillows on the couch, snuggled into the afagan. There is just the tinest bit of pink on her nose too.

This is Gracie kitty. I may have shared this one before but since I was doing so many animals, I thought she should be included this time. I just took that pink blanket out of the dryer and before I could get it folded, she snuggled down into it. Heaven for Kitties!

I hope you enjoyed them. Don't forget to go see Beverly today and as many of the participants as you can. Sweetpea Sue

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink March

Sorry I got my post done so late! I was having trouble with my computer this morning.
Earlier this week I took my two neices to the Kansas City Zoo - it was Spring Break here in Lawrence they weren't in school . I took a day off from work just so I could connect with them.
We had a lot of fun, did a ton of walking, and laughed more than I have in the past month. Below are some of the things we saw. A pair of camels(they look like they are whispering to each other).

A beautiful black swan with a hot pink beak!
Some Quince-it was blooming in March! My grandmother Marie always had this in her yard and I have always thought of her when I see it.

A very friendly bird-I think it was some kind of buzzard. It came right up to us and demanded that we admire it . My neice said it was really working it for the camera.

A few pink flamingos were out when we passed by on the tram-unfortunetly by the time we walked by they were not there. I was hoping to get a much better picture than this.

I plan on posting more pics tomorrow from the zoo. It only lets me post so many per post. Hope you have a wonderful pink Saturday-Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit all the other particpants. Sue