Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well here it is Monday night and I am finally sitting down at my computer to post about the weekend. It was a real whirlwind of activity. I've been checking in on a friend since she had surgery on both her feet Friday afternoon. I feel blessed to have her for a friend and I'm glad that I live close by. She is doing pretty well I'm happy to say. My sister Nancy and I made our weekly pilgramage to North Lawrence(it is the part of town that is north of the Kansas river) to see our favorite stores. We visited Antique's Plus, My Father's Daughter and Locust Street Marketplace. They are all located in the same area. I found some really cute things but only took pictures this time. I belong to a Flickr group called Shades of Inspiritation and each week they pick a different color or color combo to try to take pictures of. It is a lot of fun. This week the colors are light blue and brown. Below are the two picture I took at Antiques Plus for the group.

Next is one from Locust Street Marketplace-

After that we found this adorable yo-yo quilt at My Father's Daughter. It makes me want to try making one. It looks pretty time-consuming though. Mabey someday soon. I think for now I will have to content myself with crafts that take a little less time upfront.

After photo shopping we went to our next fun summertime place- Bismark Gardens where we by sweetcorn by the dozen. We love to support local businesses whenever possible and what fun to go out to where it is grown. It is just a few minutes out of town so we get our little country drive in without a lot of gas. My oldest neice had recently gone to Japan to our sister city on an exchange program and when she came back she hosted two Japanese girls here. My sister took them out to Bismark Gardens which they really loved since they have nothing like it in Japan. I can't think of anything more "Kansas" like than a trip to Bismark Gardens.

Well I hope your weekend was just as fun and I hope your week goes smoothly. I hope I will hear from you all soon. Take Care-Susan


Vanessa Greenway said...

Oh I love yo-yos! Yours look so cute!!! Have a great week! Vanessa

Schotzy said...

I love you photos! what a great idea to go on a treasure hunt for your shades of inspiration. I am slow it seems to come up with such a fun way to get photos for that site, which I ahve participated in some. It is a fun site, isnt it? Thanks for sharing in my Pink saturday. My dd's birthday was a success. here and gone so quickly!
Blessings! Carolyn

Mya said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. I love good famers markets. Happy Pink Saturday, I know it is late. I never made all of my rounds and it is almost saturday again.

Thomas Gary Ebling said...

Sue, please contact me.

my email address is

I have information on some of your ancestors (McCaffrey side).


Thomas Gary Ebling