Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good morning to you all! Hope this fine day finds you all in fine spirits. There is something wonderful about having a whole weekend stretched before you. Thanks for coming by for a visit. I finally have a photo of some sweetpeas to share with you. It is one of the photos I took at Powell Gardens a couple of weeks ago. When I was a girl my Grandma Marie had sweetpeas growing up her trellis on her front porch. It offered color, shade and privacy and was just beautiful to behold. Whenever I would spend the night with my grandmother, we would ususally sit out on the porch in the evening and watch all the people go by while we caught up on each other's doings during the week. My grandmother was a calm port in the storms of my life. I miss her everyday. These sweetpeas aren't as colorful as hers,but they do have just a touch of pink in them.

Roses from Powell Gardens
Pink Lilies- I have never been overly fond of lilies but these are ones I would love to have growing in my yard. When I looked up the origin of my first name- Susan- I found it meant lily and was a Hebrew name. It makes me think of Easter of course, ressurection, new life and God's Grace. I think that is pretty good conatations to have with one's name.

I saw these lovely petals scattered on the ground under a rosebush when I was visiting Powell Gardens. Everywhere you turned there was beauty. It quieted my soul wandering around that place. I can just imagine how it must have felt in the garden of Eden. Makes me homesick for someplace I was made for but never been too.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit. I treasure your kind comments. Don't forget to go visit Beverly and all the Pink Saturday ladies. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week. Sweetpea Sue


Mary said...

What a beautiful selection of pink flowers. They are so nicely showcased by your photographs. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

Connie said...

I LOVE the photo of your Georgia O'Keefe inspired photo, sugar. I try to get those up close and personal shots of the roses in my garden and succeed most of the time. Thank you for the comments, sweetpea!

caren said...

Sweetpeas seem to be such an "old" flower - as if they should be in an English Garden. They are so dainty and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Happy PS!

Light and Voices said...

Homesick for a place you haven't been yet....I can relate to that statement. Your Pink blog is so cozy. Have a nice week-end.
Joyce M

debbie said...

Dear Sue,
my dh and I just planted some sweet peas...I love them
your flowers are just beautiful.
Happy Fathers Day to the men in your life

KatCollects said...

Happy Pink Saturday.

stefanie said...

beautiful, happy pink saturday!!!

Claudia said...

Such pretty flowers. Your story about sweetpeas and your grandmother is lovely. I miss my Grandma every day! Happy Pink Saturday!

Smilingsal said...

You had a good relationship with your grandmother. I'm sure that you were a special part of her life.

suesueb said...

wonderful pictures-i love sweet peas too! they're such an old-fashioned flower!! happy pink week!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely pink blog post! Another Saturday, where I am taking in all of the pink and visiting some of the most lovely blogs in cyberspace. I need the pink this morning, it's all dark and raining outside. So thanks for the uplift☺

Wishing you and those you l♥ve a weekend filled with sunshine, good food and many, tender memories.

imjacobsmom said...

Such sweet memories of your Gramma. Isn't it something how the scents of certain flowers can bring back those moments. Your photos are so pretty and I would love to stroll through that garden sometime. ~ Robyn

CottageBliss said...

Sweet words, so true. Beautiful flowers you share.

Love hearing about your G-Mom, mine was like that.


Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your Pink Saturday.

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hello Sweetpea Sue

Absolutely gorgeous blooms! I can picture the porch scene shaded with a trellis full of climbing blooms in the warm summer days.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, I agree that rhinestones and bling make me feel like a princess as well.

.•*˙˙*•.HaPPy PiNk SaTuRdaY!.•*˙˙*•.

Cheers! =D
~Kitty Kellie
The Artful Paper Doll

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Susan.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Both of my grandmothers loved having flowers in their yards.

The pink blooms are gorgeous.

Itajeff @Something To Share said...

what a great pink flowers..lovely..

Have a nice and great pink saturday

Lots of luv,

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Such beautiful flowers! Your photos came out so clear and vibrant! Lovely showcase!

Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend!


printersdevil said...

I love the pink lilies. Photos are all great.

dana said...

I LOVE Powell Gardens,too. We went there last summer (for the first time) for the Butterfly Festival. It was quite amazing. I know I posted about it, but I don't recall if it was in Aug. or Sept....anyway, your photos are wonderful. I do love lilies and I would also like to have some of those in my yard.

Your little story about your grandmother and sweetpeas was so touching. It's wonderful that you had such a great woman in your life--I know how you must miss her.

Your sweetie kittie taking a little snooze in front of that JOY sign is just DARLILNG!!!It says it all--sweet kitties are a joy. I also hope you have her for lots longer!!

Hope your weekend is going well! Dana

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll never tire of looking through roses :-) They are just a fave! And I would certainly love to walk through those petals scattered 'round the ground. There's something magical about it

Belated Happy PS!

CC said...

Such a lovely post..I enjoyed it and the flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy belated Pink Saturday..hope your week is a lovely one.

Jorgelina said...

Wonderful pictures!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Cindy said...

Beautiful flowers! Make my heart sing!

Beansieleigh said...

The flowers are beautiful, but I love that they bring you sweet memories! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful week!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Thanks for visiting my Shabby Cottage. I've been so busy I just now had time to visit your lovely blog. Warm wishes for a wonderful week, Esther

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy Pink to you! The flowers are so pretty and I love Sweetpeas. :0)
I hope the PINK bliss follows you through your week.

Drop by anytime for a visit!

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