Saturday, July 26, 2008


Just saying hi for the first time to my fellow blog reader addicts. I am known as Sweetpea Sue aka Aunt Zooie. I am a lifelong crafter, animal lover, bookworm, movie buff, and crazy aunt to boot. Check out the About Me section to learn more details. I have just recently discovered the fun of blogland and now I am venturing forth into uncharted territories waiting to be explored. I found blogland because I was looking up information on one of my favorite local artist-Karla Nathan-who lives in my hometown of Lawrence Kansas. She has a blog called Karla's Cottage ( As a result I have had much fun over the past several weeks reading her blog and others I have discovered. Now I have decided to join the fun and start one of my own. I have much to learn about the process, so please bear with me. I look forward to getting to know others who love crafting as much as I do.

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Welcome to blogging! Hey, are you still in Lawrence?