Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday! I hope your day is wonder filled. This is the first time I have ever done a Wednesday post(and a post without being linked to someone else's blog). I am actually doing this on Tuesday night(barely as it is 2 minutes till midnight) but I know I won't have any time in the a.m.. I thought I would share some pics of sunflowers I planted from seed in the backyard this year. I only watered them for a little while to get them to sprout and then I pretty much ignored them(my kind of gardening for sure ). I am really hoping they will reseed themselves for next year. I put in a few different kinds for some variety. Last week when I took the dogs out in the backyard I spotted a Monarch butterfly on one so I ran in to get my camera.

On this next one if you look real close you can see there are some different insects on these two-I think there is a bumblebee on one of them and I am not sure about the other one.
You can see my house in the background just a little bit-I like color and always wanted a yellow house so when I bought it 12 years ago that is what Ipainted it-Yellow with Periwinkle trim. That was before I fell in love with pink and green as a combo or I would probably have that for an outside color scheme. Most of my neigbors have subduded colors on the outside but when my house was white you never even noticed it was there(it is only 750 sq feet and has one big tree in the front yard that kind of obscures it).
I was hoping to show you a picture of the birds my sister is working on for the giveaway but she isn't quite done yet ... so the pic below is from an old orange crate that a friend owns and I am going to use for some halloween decorations. I will hopefully show you on Saturday how. Well thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! I hear thunderstorms outside and my little Napoleon is turning himself inside out with worry about them.



Good morning,

What a fantastic post, love these sunflowers and the witch box!

~ Gabriela ~

Connie said...

Hi sweetpea, I'm gonna show my last roses of summer in the next day or two also. Your sunflowers look wonderful. Thanks for dropping by, my sweet chick.....

jeanne said...

Susan, your sunflowers are gorgeous. Your photos are so lovely. I love the color of your house. I think I love yellow better than pink. it is the look of sunshine and that is a good thing. smile. The witch box is different and very cute.

Thanks for your sweet comment about Bill. He is a keeper.

Hugs, Jeanne

Malphi said...

Just found your blog...love the butterfly on the sun flower...great shot!
Susannah x

Claudie said...

Hi Susan
May I ask what type Sunflower you prefer? I'm thinking of starting them from seed next year and I know nothing about them. I love it when their faces follow the sun.
Also, was your house aluminum siding or wood before painting it. I also have a little house on the water and it's all white.YUCK. I have added splashes of apple red to my doors and railings but really want color on it as you.
Love your blog.